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We have an internal business ethic that guides the way we treat our employees. If that ethic is solid, then we hope to naturally extend it in our interactions with others. For example, we value commitment from our team members to each other and the company; we hope that translates into commitment to YOU, the customer, who make our company what it is. We prize focusing on work rather than "working for a paycheck." Even though they are technically working for their bosses, they're really working for YOU. A third value on the inside of our company is organization. Being internally organized helps us do our work efficiently for you but also allows us to better organize your digital construction projects. All in all, we have 3 core internal values: 1. Commitment, 2. Focus, 3. Organization. By being commited, focued, and organized internally, we can offer those core values to YOU. We will not burn your project, neglect your project, or complicate your project. We will commit to following through with every detail, respond to your needs, and make the process fast and efficient for YOU.
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The Most Important Work: Giving

Greco1 is a proud contributor to AIM: Agape International Missions, an organization on the ground in Cambodia that prevents and dismantles prostitution, focusing on child prostitution and sex trafficking. They say you can know the quality of the tree by looking at its fruits. The work they do doesn't lie. Since 1988, they have rescued 849 men, women, and children. With those results, we are proud to support them on every level. We do not live alone on this planet as if we each live on our own island. That's why Greco1 likes to engage the community we live in.

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